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How Removing Negative Accounts Helps in Credit Repair in McKinney

April 16, 2019

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You likely already know that the content on your credit report determines your credit score, which in turn affects your ability to reach your financial goals. Generally, legitimate negative accounts, or instances when you’ve been late or delinquent on payments, stay on your credit report for seven years before being deleted and no longer influencing your score. However, an expert in credit repair in McKinney can help you identify negative accounts that you may be able to remove from your credit report, boosting your score and financial health.


Fixing Credit Report Errors and Negative Accounts for Credit Repair

March 16, 2019

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You found your dream house. It is beautiful, is in a perfect location, and has everything your family needs. But there’s one big problem—your credit score is lower than you need. Now is the time to make sure your score truly and accurately reflects your credit history so that you can meet your financial goals. But what can you do about your credit score? The first step is finding credit report errors and negative accounts that need to be addressed. Keep reading to learn more about this in the credit repair process.


We Offer Credit Help in McKinney!

February 15, 2019

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If you’ve been rejected for a loan or a mortgage, you know just how much your credit score can hurt your chances of pursuing your goals. But did you know that you can fix it? Like many other things these days, you could do it yourself with hours of dedicated effort, reviewing reports and calling uncooperative entities. Or you can turn to a reliable, experienced resource for repairing your low credit. We are Jubilee Credit Freedom! We have provided countless families with credit help in McKinney and across the country to overcome the setbacks that bad credit presents. To see this in action, keep reading to learn about the credit repair process and how we can help.