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The Credit Repair Process – McKinney, TX • Dallas–Fort Worth

How We Improve Your Credit

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Plenty of companies claim that they can repair your credit, but do they actually tell you how they’ll do it? In most cases, no. You’re simply supposed to pay them, and after a few months (or years!), you should see your credit score go up. That’s not how we do things at Jubilee Credit Freedom.

We have put together an effective 3-step system for credit repair, and from beginning to end, our team will be in constant communication with you. You’ll be informed and know what we’re doing on your behalf the entire time so you can always have peace of mind while we fix your credit.

Why Choose Jubilee Credit Freedom for Credit Repair?

  • 90-day guarantee
  • Flat-fees no matter what state your credit is in
  • Trained by one of the top credit consulting companies in the country

Step 1.
Identifying Negative Credit Account Items

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Your credit score is based on a few key factors, namely your payment history, amount owed, length of credit history, and credit mix. Each of these have different components that can have a direct impact on your credit score, and figuring out exactly which ones are lowering it is always the first step in our credit repair process. We don’t do “cookie-cutter” work here—every credit repair is customized based on a client’s unique needs and situation so we can get the best results as quickly as possible.

We’ll look at your various scores and reports, identify the negative areas, and then talk to you about how we can fix them. Clear communication is a big part of our process here! Once we have a strategy in place, we’ll work to implement it as quickly as possible by proceeding to the following steps.

Step 2.
Negotiating Negative Account Deletions

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After you’ve paid a debt, that account should stop showing up on your credit report as delinquent, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case! Even a paid balance can sometimes negatively affect your credit’s score because the system still shows it as delinquent and will show up as a paid delinquent account. This can have serious consequences for a person’s credit health.

But, correcting these mistakes is easy right? Not so much! Many of our clients have told us stories about spending hours on the phone trying to have negative accounts deleted only to get nowhere in the end. Instead of wasting your time without making progress, our team of experts can make sure these mistakes get taken off of your credit report right away, quickly raising your score.

Step 3.
Improving Your Credit

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Once we’ve figured out what is harming your credit, then the real work begins. We’ll personally negotiate with any creditors, lenders, and collection agencies to challenge negative items so we can fix them and make sure they stop lowering your credit score.

Our owners, Michael and Gloria Daoud, used this same process when they were repairing their own credit years ago, but now they’ve refined it so that it’s more effective than ever. We know exactly who to talk to and what to say to help with anything that is dragging your credit down. In 90 days, you should see deletions on your accounts. If not, you’ll get the next 90 days free. Luckily for you and the rest of our clients, this rarely comes into play!

How Jubilee Credit Freedom is Different

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Firstly, when it comes to understanding how it really is to live with bad credit, our team completely understands, because we’ve been there before ourselves. We’re here to make your life better and not cause any stress in the process, which is why, unlike other credit repair companies, we have a flat-fee structure. No matter what condition your credit is in or how many accounts you have, you’ll pay a one-time retainer fee and the same $99 a month rate from beginning to end. It will never increase, and you will enjoy the same world-class service the entire time.

Self-Credit Repair vs Professional Credit Repair

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If you’ve tried to repair your own credit in the past, then you know how much of a frustrating hassle this can really be--hours spent on the phone with unhelpful collectors, terminology you’ve never heard before, and enough numbers to make your head spin.

At Jubilee Credit Freedom, we’re ready to give you exactly that— freedom. Freedom from bad credit, and freedom from the burden of having to fix it. We’ll deal with the phone calls and forms and numbers so you can get the results you need without wasting your precious time and effort.