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Credit Repair Services – McKinney, TX • Dallas–Fort Worth

How We Can Change Your Life

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Is your credit score preventing you from getting a credit card, auto loan, or mortgage? If so, you’re far from alone, and the team at Jubilee Credit Freedom is ready to give you exactly that—freedom from your credit woes. Our leaders, Michael and Gloria Daoud, suffered from bad credit themselves and managed to pull themselves out of it, and now, they use their acquired knowledge to help families in DFW and around the country get their credit and their lives back together.

The Credit Repair Process

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Over the years, Jubilee Credit Freedom has formulated a simple but effective 3-step solution for credit repair. This process has been refined by working with many different clients and creditors to the point that success is practically guaranteed for everyone who partners with us. We’re confident because it works, and it works consistently. You can learn about each step by reading on below and following the links for even more information.

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Identifying Negative Items

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Every credit repair starts with an assessment so we can figure out what is actually going on with your score. Do you have a bad payment history? Too many hard inquiries on your credit? Do you have any mistakes in your reports? We can help identify everything that is lowering your credit score so we know exactly how to fix it. This precise approach helps us save time, which in the end, helps you save money.

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Negotiating Deletions

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After you’ve paid a debt, it’s relatively common for an account to still show up as unpaid on your credit report, therefore lowering your score. Creditors don’t make it easy to correct this erroneous information, and the entire process can be very time consuming. The team at Jubilee Credit Freedom knows how to handle it, however. We’ll take the time to delete your negative accounts so we can make sure your reports are accurate and improve your score in the process.

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Improving Your Credit

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Once we’ve identified the negative aspects of your credit history and found any mistakes on your reports, we’ll get to work correcting them. We’ve worked with countless creditors and lenders over the years, so we know all the little tricks that can help you consolidate your debt and reorganize your credit so that it’s easy to pay and improve your score. We’ll handle all the legwork and phone calls and forms so all you have to do is check your FICO Score and smile.

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